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Grr-ithm, Inc. is a privately held software medical solutions development company. We are in phase 1 of 3 phases of development. Our business team and board have over 40 years experience in running medical device and pharmaceutical R&D companies in the United States and Europe, 25 years of…

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Unifying Everyone In Healthcare!









Our Insight

To generate a truly effective Interoperable-Interconnected Health Network, it will take collaboration from everyone and a centerpiece that inspires that collaboration. Grr-ithm is that Centerpiece, now we need your partnerships.



Use our cognitive system to teach an advanced AI how to help humanity identify the origins, pathways, and processes of disease(s). The results will be a revolutionary approach to medical solutions and cures.



What we have accomplished thus far:

  1. Designed the system of 7 algorithms
  2. Designed and completed the written proof model
  3. Designed our 2 key revenue streams
  4. Developed the baseline engine and platform with 5 levels of security
  5. Developed a 3D model set of the muscular skeletal system to medical standard
  6. Narrowed down our learning phases with 2 top flight AI engines.
  7. Identified the primary data sets for our AI proof model, along with establishing a licensing agreement with the National Library of Medicine
  8. Identified key tech partnerships for our next stage

  • Expertise 95%
  • Partnership 80%
  • Participation 100%
  • Development 88%
  • Exploration 93%

Frequently Asked Questions

See the frequently asked questions below.  If you are a potential Industry and/or Investor partner, please provide us with any questions you may have. You may kindly make use of our contact form in order to personalize any of your questions.

What is artificial intelligence?
It is simply the developmental theory of computer systems having the ability to carry out operations that require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages etc.





Do you collaborate with other corporations in related fields?
Yes, we are not working in isolation, our team of experts are from various related fields. They are major movers in the industry at present.



What is the health and medical needs fulfillment process?
Since your Biological Data Map knows all of your health needs, if you request, we can reach out to the market place and help fulfill them.




Will you be making money off the patient in the needs fulfillment process?
No! We will be making money from the market place itself, i.e. through world leading online stores, marketers, distributors, advertisers,…





Will patients have access to their medical history?
Yes they will, but in a very unique way. Their Biological Data Map, which will always be mimicking their past and current state of health, will hold all health events and protocols taken.


What do you mean by that?
The Government wants an Interoperable-Interconnected Health Network, but it has never been able to accomplish getting one.

How is your company able to integrate this into medical?
Everyone in healthcare will be able to easily connect to our encrypted system.




If it’s free to use the system, how will investors make money?
Through Medical R&D, which is a $425 billion a year industry expense, also by way of a health and medical needs fulfillment process.


Is that safe?
Yes! A patient will never be able to change any of the past data, nor add new data, unless it comes through an active health tracking device.



What about all of the new and upcoming health tracking devices and their data?
If a patient grants us access, we will be able to pull the data into the cloud and directly apply it to a person’s Biological Data Map in real time. Our AI will run all cause and effect scenarios, then alert you and your doctor, should any red flags turn up.



How will the Government respond to this new system?
Grr-ithm’s Biological Data Map System is exactly what they have been looking and asking for.


Why have they been so unsuccessful?
There has never been a financial incentive to create one. Grr-ithm’s Biological Data Map System is that incentive.


Have you questions about how GRR can be of great help to your health? Send us an email and we’ll get in touch shortly — we would be happy to speak.

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