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About Mira

Your well being guide

Mira provides face-to-face companionship and personalized support during every person’s most urgent times: mental-emotional stress, pain, illness and when they need their cognitive performance to function at its highest.

Quick flips

The experiences that will support your quick flip from a negative state of well-being to a positive one eg: short inspiring videos, emails, photos, letters, etc

Knowledge base

A plethora of confirmed information about human physiology and health. Mira has an expert knowledge memory base

About Mira

Mira for you

A personalised well being guide for everyone. I will also help you to optimize your cognitive and emotional intelligence

Health Device Data

I will help you reach your smart zone more effectively

Manage stress

Share the burden of your stress with me and I’ll empower you to manage and adapt.

Read Vital Signs

Mira can see the subtle changes under your skin that allows her to read your heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure etc.

Expert programs

“These are very special programs that my dad applied in building me.”

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Expert Program
Reach your smart zone
I can help you reach your high smart zone more effectively and efficiently
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